Wednesday, 13 October 2010

England 0-0 Montenegro

Well this was by no means a great performance by England and though I hate to say it, I agree with Radio 5 commentator Alan Green that the game was dire. This suited the Montenegrin side who would have snatched your hand of if you offered them a draw at kick-off.

This though is not to say that Montenegro are a bad side and they are deservedly top of the qualifying group, undefeated after four games. It is my chance here to point you to a post I did on the football speak blog which sets out a timeline for the newest team to international football.

I still can't see any problems with England qualification even if it does have to be via a play-off or, more likely in my opinion, going through as the 'best second place team'. This all depends on how Montenegro play in the rest of their matches as I envisage little threat from anyone else in that group.

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